PiServer Gallery

A Collection of images & videos from the PiServer Project

PiServer Gallery

This is a collection of photos and videos of the activities & processes from design to finish, from the PiServer project.

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Built up PiServer 1.0
PiServer on my desk and powering an RGB LED light strip
External ports
Top OLED display
Front view
Left side view showing connectors, wiring and 12V PSU that powers the HDD and top fan
Front view showing tray design and 'yellow' covered MOSFETs for RGB LED control
HDD Tray with felt pads to reduce vibration
3.5 inch 2TB seagate iron wolf HDD on tray
Front view showing Raspberry Pi and dc connectors in recessed cable area
Bottom tray in place to partly cover cables
Left side showing 12V PSU with shroud removed
Front view showing 1 of 3 ventilation slits and felt pads in HDD compartment
Right side showing 5V PSU that powers the Raspberry Pi 4
Rear view showing the inside amd cabling in PiServer
A closer look of the rear with the HDD taken out


Built Piserver without casing. Space available for two 3.5 inch HDDs
Front View with visible front airflow vent at the base of the chassis
Left-side view showing 12V PSU, IEC connector and Ethernet adapter
Right-side view showing 5V PSU and tray system with a Raspberry Pi mounted
Top View showing a 140mm fan and an OLED display
Top View without fan mounted, exposing the inside of the chassis


Failed prototype being used as a test bench
Failed prototype; Very difficult to remove 3D printing supports


My Workbench...work-bed...bed
Printing PiServer 1.0
PiServer 1.0 print complete. Print time: 2 Days, 20 Hours
PiServer top tray with Raspberry Pi 4.
Laying wires in recessed wire area.
Wiring up the left side.
Wiring up the right side.
Mounting the fan on PiServer.
Placing PiServer outer casing; Very gracious tolerance given to avoid needing to print another.
PiServer with its outer casing hovering above it.


PiServer post on r/homelab subreddit


OLED & Fan Software Setup
Initial introductory video to Instagram Story
CAD Design Animation of an intial prototype design
Extra Clips