Lily58 Reborn

Improving ergonomics has no boundaries. This new Lily58 Pro build uses low profile Choc switches and black MBK keycaps.

Lily58 Reborn
Lily58 Pro keyboard build; Right half

Remember this? Lily58L, I made a new one!

The first keyboard build was great and I still use it but I was looking for something more portable, with shorter key travel and with less height.

As a result this keyboard uses Kailh Choc v1 red and burnt orange switches. The keycaps are MBK with an overall beautiful black aesthetic.

I made only one error whilst building this keyboard, soldering the pins for the Nice!Nano V2 controllers upside down (rookie mistake). This required me to desolder and resolder the pins, a skill I have now improved.

My firmware of choice is still ZMK but I am working towards creating my own firmware in Rust, so watch this space -> RFMK Firmware - Rust for Mechanical Keyboard

Old vs New: Both Lily58L and Lily58 Pro (Choc) with mouse and trackpad on a large mouse mat

As of publishing this post, the OLED displays do not work and I have not taken the time to intricately invesigate it. So far, I have been using it as I would the Lily58L with the added bonus of extra long battery life; the ZMK power profiler estimates 2 months+ which I have been unable to confirm just yet.

This build used the Lily58 Pro kit from, my No. 1 spot for keyboard parts with quick delivery and decent stock (Not sponsored).