Yomi in an unfamiliar environment; the outdoors

My name is Yomi.

I'm currently a Masters student in Articial Intelligence at Loughborough University and hold a BEng Electronics Engineering degree from The University of Sheffield, UK. My interests are in photography, software and technology. You may explore my other interests at yomitosh.dev.

Here are some specifics:

  • Design (CAD)
  • Apple
  • Photography (taking photos, image sensor technology)
  • Computer Vision (image signal processing, image classification)
  • Semiconductors and processors (x86, ARM, RISC)
  • Coding (Python, C, C++)
  • Web Applications (React, Javascript)
  • Mobile Applications (Swift, Flutter)

I love to figure things out and this blog is a means to document the processes, challenges & successes I’ve encountered, and to share them with you.

Oh yes, I would love to chat.
You can drop me a message with the social links or on the contact page.